Friday, June 19, 2015

The Health of Your Mouth & Amalgam Fillings

In my research lately I have come across metal pulling in many different venues.

This one I just had to share.

I had a 1/4 of a tooth fall out last year that appears to have been separated from the rest of the tooth by the amalgam filling. Both the piece that came out & what is left in my mouth, you can see the leaching of the amalgam down the tooth.

I just came across this in researching something else. I will be contacting a dentist in my area to see if I can get these out of me - I had thought about it before & then again when the tooth came apart. Now today with potential other health problems I definitely want to get it done, just not sure I can at this moment, have to wait for other results first.

Please watch this video. I found it here at this website:

Holistic Dentist Cary - Video

 You put what in my mouth? is the same video but connects you to youtube

You can also do a search for DAMS - Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions
They will send you information. They have a listing of "biological" dentists who know how to take the amalgams out without hurting you or their staff more. But it also says you should prepare you body for removing the mercury as it does create mercury vapor & particles, so you should do a detox.
Here's another article on how to remove the amalgams 

Please do your research and keep you and your family as safe as possible. 

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