Friday, June 19, 2015

The Health of Your Mouth & Amalgam Fillings

In my research lately I have come across metal pulling in many different venues.

This one I just had to share.

I had a 1/4 of a tooth fall out last year that appears to have been separated from the rest of the tooth by the amalgam filling. Both the piece that came out & what is left in my mouth, you can see the leaching of the amalgam down the tooth.

I just came across this in researching something else. I will be contacting a dentist in my area to see if I can get these out of me - I had thought about it before & then again when the tooth came apart. Now today with potential other health problems I definitely want to get it done, just not sure I can at this moment, have to wait for other results first.

Please watch this video. I found it here at this website:

Holistic Dentist Cary - Video

 You put what in my mouth? is the same video but connects you to youtube

You can also do a search for DAMS - Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions
They will send you information. They have a listing of "biological" dentists who know how to take the amalgams out without hurting you or their staff more. But it also says you should prepare you body for removing the mercury as it does create mercury vapor & particles, so you should do a detox.
Here's another article on how to remove the amalgams 

Please do your research and keep you and your family as safe as possible. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Essential Oils

There has been extensive talk on Essential Oils - if you are searching, you will find it. 

I am a researcher and have found much information. 
In doing my research I have decided I want to give Essential Oils more of a try in my family. We have used lavender for a while in cleaning. Mixed with vinegar it is a GREAT disinfectant. 

I have used it on my mom's burn. It worked well. In writing this, it made me realize I have not used in on my 6 yr old's burn - will do tomorrow a.m.

We have used it to calm us, to help the girls sleep. I truly like lavender and all of its many uses. 

There are many natural healers, cures and protections using essential oils. I like that much better than medications. Supposedly diffusing different oils helps concentration levels, others sleep, etc. I am very excited to try. I was frozen for a while in deciding which company to go with. It's a lot of money initially. I have decided it is time to take the plunge. My youngest has allergies & gets sick more than the rest of us. I want to be able to help her naturally.

I am going to purchase the full set from Queen Homeschool Supplies and begin to experiment myself. There was an independent test done on many Essential Oils and this one came out on top in this test. This is from their website -  "We've carried several lines of essential oils over the years, and have gotten very particular. So particular, in fact, that we have begun importing our own single oils from all over the world, wherever quality is grown, and crafting our own blends.
We use ONLY ORGANIC, THERAPEUTIC–GRADE essential oils. Because essential oils are so concentrated, if pesticides are used on the plants, when those plants are used to distill the essential oils from, not only the essential oils would be concentrated, the pesticides would be as well! That's also why we would NEVER use (or sell) aromatherapy–grade oils, flavor oils, or anything else commonly confused with true, pure essential oils." 

Many companies have claimed many things. I am ready to give it a try. Heck, medical companies are willing to try medicines out on people and in many cases it kills them. I really don't like hearing all of the ads on tv for a medicine that will help with one thing but the potential side effects is a 2 page list that goes on and on. 

So here goes the plunge. I will keep you updated! 

I am an affiliate with Queen Homeschool Supply, so if you click on the link from my page and order, I will earn some money.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Food Ventures

So, we have some alternate routes to our eating this past year. 

Currently we are on Doug Kaufmann's Phase 1 diet I strongly suggest you check out his website. He has many years of study and experience and he says a lot of things that are not typically known or heard. 

He believes many health problems today are fungal related, including autism. Why has it risen so dramatically lately? You can search for whatever ails you on the right side of his page towards the top. It will bring up any of his tv shows that deal with whatever you are searching for.

You can also find recipes on the website. 

There are tons of places on the web to find whatever types of recipes you are looking for. I will start linking some of our favorites, such as Cauliflower Tots. 

Stay tuned for more soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Online Homeschool Conference

Being a new homeschool mom - this sounds very encouraging - I can do it all from home - don't need babysitters, etc.

More details coming soon!


I'm starting a little blog just to share some of my heart tugs!

It won't be be very extensive just a little here and there of the things that tug on my heart!

Hope you enjoy!